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Where Tradition, Meets Sport, Meets Reality.  The most complete martial arts and professional development program.  You will learn How to Teach, How to Train, and How to Get Students.

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Professional Development for Martial Artists

How To Train

Become a Complete Martial Artist.  Become proficient in all Ranges of Combat - Kicking, Punching, Trapping, Grappling, and Kali Weapons.  Solo Training Progressions covering Shadow Boxing, Heavey Bag, Mook Jong, Wing Chun Forms, Qi and Nei Gong Training.

How To Teach

The Art of Verbal and Non Verbal Communication.  A progressive teaching method and Official Curriculum.  Programs for Kids, Women, LEO, Military, and Martial Artists.  How to conduct seminars and private training programs.

How To Get Students

Business Development, Marketing, and Personal Branding.  Official Certification and Accredation from the JKDAA.  How to write Articles and become Media-Genic.  Public Speaking skill development.  How to Land the Big Fish Clients.

JKDAA where Tradition meets Sport meets Reality

In 2019 to be a complete martial artist, you must be able to flow through all 5 Ranges of Combat, Fight with Weapons, Fight Against Multiple Opponents, & Master the Moment by Mastering Your Breath.


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Business Development and Branding

Learn the ultimate sales, marketing, and branding strategies.  We do not teach you any simple gimicks.  We teach you how to develop yourself into a Brand.  So you can position yourself above the competition and become Super Successful.

The Training Formula

Join the JKD revolution. Learn how to Discover the Cause of your own ignorance and develop your ultimate self. You will learn Bruce Lee's JKD, Ip Man's Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Savate, Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ, Escrima, and Kali. You will also learn JKD Philosophy and Action Strength Functional Fitness and Attribute Development.


Take your Martial Arts and Business to the Professional Level.

Become a Successful Teacher, Fighter, Technition and Businessman

Enter the Tao - JKD, Wing Chun, & Tai Chi are the ROOT

JKD Logo = Tai Chi Logo

If you look at the JKD Logo that Sijo Bruce Lee designed.  It is not a JKD logo but a Tai Chi logo.  "Having No Way as Way", "Having no Limit as Limit" are from the TAO.  Internal Martial Arts and Traditional Training in Wing Chun is important to develop root, sensitivity, structure, and internal energy.  To truly understand JKD we need to understand the Root, and philosphy behind Wing Chun and Tai Chi. 

Boxing, Savate, Kali, BJJ, & Wrestling are the Branches

Boxing, Savate, Panantukan

Our expression of Jun Fan Gung Fu is heavily influenced by Western Boxing and Savate.  It is then complemented with Filipino Kali, Panantukan, and Pananjakman.

Filipino Kali & Serrada Escrima Weaponry

Specops Kali is a unique Kali blend of Inosanto, Villibrille, Illustrisimo, Lacoste, and Largusa edged and blunt weapons systems.  Angel's Disciples Serrada is the Medium Range Fighting System we teach.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling

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Mind Boxing - The Art and Science of Self Mastery

The Perfect Exercise for Mental Fitness, Physical Fitness, and Spirit Skill.  Learn and teach the ultimate program to Win the War Within and Unleash your Unlimited Potential.

Action Strength - Functional Fitness & Attribute Development

Action Strength is a unique combination of Russian Kettlebells, Indian Gada or Mace, Indian Body Weight, and Tai Chi Silk Reeling and Qi Gong. It has a progressive Belt System like the Martial Arts to reward and aid the development of Personal Power.

"Harinder Singh is one of the most amazing, inspiring, and powerful human beings I have ever met. He reminds me of one of my heroes, Bruce Lee. Not just because of his powerful physical presence, but because of his consciousness."

Jack Canfield
Author of Chicken Soup for The Soul, and The Success Principles.

"The JKD warrior Sifu Singh gives a modern look at martial arts today. I was amazed at this young man's ability to teach what he has learned. It is exciting watching this young Dragon teach and spread the arts, his energy is definitely inspiring !!! Angel's Disciples Stockton is proud of Sifu Singh."

GM Darren Tibon
Angel's Disciples Serrada Escrima

"I can honestly say that Sifu Singh truly brings fresh spring water to the great martial arts river. His training methods are innovative, multi-dimensional, practical and very effective. Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do "EVOLUTIONIST" is my way of describing Sifu Singh."

Shihan Val Mijailovic
Masters Magazine

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